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Well; it’s truly the end of an era. FLOCOMBAT was the first to break the story that many knew was coming. The UFC will no longer be in the men’s flyweight division. Although it’s not the company’s official stance. What put this on the fast track was  HENRY CEJUDO‘s rematch victory over pound-for-pound kingpin/ GOAT list DEMETRIOUS JOHNSON. While this is still mind boggling to some; here’s the bottom line. They weren’t drawing the numbers other divisions were. In this day and age it’s all about one thing; finances. Despite hard core fans love of the flyweights it just didn’t equate to dollars.

Demetrious’s reign ending also helped him get shipped across the globe to ONE CHAMPIONSHIP. With the UFC’s big 25th anniversary card just days away RAY BORG; who’s had absolute horrible luck in 2018; has had to pull out of his fight vs JOSEPH BENAVIDEZ due to an undisclosed injury. The company immediately announced there was no plans to find a last minute replacement, and just scratched the fight all together. Hours later via his social media JOSE “SHORTY” TORRES announced he was no longer a UFC fighter and is a free agent. He was as upbeat and positive as he could be in the message but it had to sting despite that. A fighter works incredibly hard to get to the top of the mountain, to see it mudslide away hurts.


No other fighter as of yet has let it be known their situation. There are 34 flyweights that now have a major life changing decision to make. Go up 10 pounds to bantamweight, if the UFC extends that offer; or take your skills to another organization. LFA could use some flyweights, ONE has an incredibly talented pool of 125ers (including their former champ). The  PFL doesn’t have a flyweight division; but next season will be adding a female 155 division. So it might be possible they’d add a 8th division to their organization. If you look at BELLATOR‘s site; there is a link for flyweights but they have none. So they may be in the market to bring some over.

As of January 1st the UFC will move from FOX to ESPN. In that package there’s a little less than double the content the company will provide. More cards means more “hooks” are needed to get you to watch. That hook; has always been title fights. With one less division (for now); unless they plan on having champions fight every other month, it seems to be cutting off the nose to spite the face. More titles; despite DANA WHITE‘s hatred of that idea is actually what is called for. For a long time fighters at 155 and 170 and begged for a 165 division. This may with names like CONOR MCGREGOR, (and the newly brought in) BEN ASKREN very much in favor of it; be the tipping point. It’s a shame that that may happen at the expense of another division.

Whatever and wherever these 34 talented athletes land will most definitely become better with them.


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