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Week 12 NFL Wrap Up

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Week 12 was a bunch of ups and downs for me as I went to Las Vegas and played very light in DFS. My picks for the week went 7-9 against the spread and 9-7 with the O/U for a 16-16 week, not exactly what I was looking for. I hit 5 parlays including Detroit, Washington, Tennessee, Baltimore, and New Orleans but otherwise was lackluster. I did hit on the money line with Tampa Bay, and if San Francisco could have come back to win, I would have hit a monster money line parlay, instead Kaepernick was stopped at the two yard line. I am at 82-91-4 for the season against the spread and 98-78-1 with O/U’s for a total of 180-169-5. This season has been very disappointing. We still have 5 weeks to turn it around, but we will need a miracle to make any serious progress.

DFS this week was not any better. I had to make all my selections Wednesday which made the week feel rushed. Thankfully, I played very light as both optimal lineups came up short. On Sunday, we only scored 102.34 as Seattle decided not to show up as Wilson and Baldwin were busts. Only David Johnson with 33.1 points and Tavon Austin with 15.5 points hit value. It only took 127 or so to cash GPP’s, but we were far short. Thursday’s team did better as we nailed picks with Cousins and Bell, but everyone else was just ok as we totaled 135.46 which was short of the 150 plus needed to cash the GPP’s . After two great weeks it was disappointing to have a letdown even if the loss was small. Thankfully, I did add a few last minute lineups before jumping on the airplane and I hit for 156.16 on one of them that cashed very well. I am glad Week 12 is behind me.

Las Vegas is always incredible. This was a trip with my girlfriend, so poker was at a minimum and most of my play was in the Sportsbook. I hit a few small parlays and some straight bets, but overall I lost a ton of cash on NCAA, NFL, NBA, and especially NHL where I got crushed. My only saving grace was a big trifecta I hit at Delmar after I hedged on a pick 3, where I had won the first two races. We saw comedian Steven Wright and had some great meals with Lavo being the best. My next trip is for 10 days in February where poker will be king. I played some future bets on the Australian Open Tennis tournament, Master Golf tournament, and I took 12 very longshot horses to win the Kentucky Derby at the Wynn.

My first glance at Week 13 tells me only to play the Sunday slate. I do not like the Thursday matchup and will not play any full week lineups. The Monday Night game is intriguing, but I will only play it with the Sunday night game. Only Cleveland and Tennessee are on byes, so we have 13 games on Sunday. My favorite matchup is Detroit at New Orleans where they could score 70 combined. It is the only game over a 50 total in Vegas. Four other games are between 49-50 with Buffalo/Oakland and Kansas City/Atlanta being the most intriguing.

Drew Brees is the top QB at $7.6K, followed closely by Brady and Big Ben. David Johnson is the top RB at a whopping $9.5K followed by Bell at $9.2K. There are only two others over $7K including McCoy and Gordon. We have the big four at WR including Brown, Jones, Evans, and O. Beckham Jr. all between $8.5K and $9.1K. Gronkowski and Reed lead the TE’s, but both are questionable to play this week. Finally, the Broncos are on top of defenses at $3.9K followed by New England and Seattle.

Below are my top 5 and Bottom 5 teams thru week 12.  The Lions could creep into the top 5 if they win this week.


  1. New England
  2. Dallas
  3. Oakland
  4. New York Giants
  5. Kansas City


  1. Cleveland
  2. Jacksonville
  3. Chicago
  4. San Francisco
  5. Cincinnati (It is time to fire the head coach)

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