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Wellington Castillo Receives 80 Game Suspension

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After a career year in 2017, Wellington Castillo looked to make 2018 another good year at the plate.

Instead, it has been discovered he has tested positive for the banned substance EPO (Erythropoietin) and will be serving an 80 game suspension effective immediately. The substance is prohibited under Major League Baseball’s Joint Drug Agreement.

Castillo had a career year in 2017, where he hit 20 home runs in 341 at-bats for Baltimore. This year with the Chicago White Sox, he had six home runs and a .267 batting in 116 at-bats.

It puts into perspective that Castillo may have been using banned substances prior to being caught this time around, as he had multiple seasons with 15+ home runs in limited at-bats with the Chicago Cubs and Arizona Diamondbacks.

Castillo surprisingly owned up to taking the banned substance instantly, something you don’t often see. When Robinson Cano tested positive for a banned substance earlier this month, he repeatedly stated that it was accidental and he did not know it was in his system.

It’s refreshing to see Castillo own up to it right away.

It doesn’t make what Castillo did go away, but it is refreshing to see.


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