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Not everyone will be everyone’s cup of tea. Some are just too polarizing for a myriad of reasons. To most JOSE ALDO is one of the best featherweights ever. To some putting it bluntly he is an aging star that leaves a lot to be desired. Numbers don’t lie but they don’t tell the full story either. The 31 year old Brazilian is a proud man who right this very second still believes he’s the champ. You need that self belief to make it to the “pro level”. But he’s 1-3 in his last 4 fights since a counter left hand from a brash Irishman landed on his jaw 13 seconds into their fight. Before that “SCARFACE”; was enjoying an 18 fight win streak. During that win streak and even before his 1st loss he never faced an opponent whose greatest asset was outside the cage. CONOR MCGREGOR truly exposed Jose by getting into his head during their 2 world press tours. The punch that dropped him was just the cherry on the top of the cake.

Frustrated that he couldn’t get an immediate re-match and due to contract issues Aldo started to focus on other things. In the playground it’s called “If I can’t play I’m taking my ball home so no one can play”. He opened his own restaurant in his hometown, he teased he go play pro soccer, he’d look to get his boxing license. In theory you could say these moments were the beginning of a possible fast slide out of MMA. To compete at the top of the mountain you need to eat drink breathe sleep the sport. Distractions kill. A belt was placed on him because of issues with the champ. He never won it back in the cage; which is a huge talking point for his detractors. After a quick (again) over FRANKIE EDGAR, he’s dropped back to back fights both to MAX HOLLOWAY in the same way. Well sort of. The 1st time Max kept moving counter clockwise; away from Jose’s strong side. This last time Max moved into his strong side. So while Conor took his mind, Max took his soul.

The last 2 fights admittedly from his own camp were very tough weight cuts so there’s the thinking a move up to lightweight will be made. Which obviously immediately people will ask will the re-match with Conor happen then? With the amount on McGregor’s plate right now; probably not gonna happen. Perhaps Aldo can take out a lower tiered un-ranked lightweight; however the top 15 are killers that would light him up like a Christmas tree. Another factor that bothers many is although he’s respectful to other fighters; Aldo has a flaw that’s beyond huge for them. Fighters in the UFC come from around the world; and all have taken the time to learn the English language. Even a guy like YOEL ROMERO tries to speak English. The only other one to quick memory that while won’t speak English; is FEDOR EMELIANENKO. So they refuse to cut him slack and believe he’s done and should place the gloves in the center of the cage and walk away.

Whether it’s stay at feather, move to light, one of his other ventures, it has to be admitted; he blazed quite a trail for Brazilians to follow.



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