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Without a doubt FRANKIE EDGAR is one tough son-of-a-gun future Hall Of Famer. He’s one of if not theee most respected fighters in the game. That being said; the 22-6-1 36 year old took big risks in his last two fights. He was fed and stopped (maybe 2-3 fights too soon in his career) the rising YAIR RODRIGUEZ at UFC 211; very good for the career. Not so much though, being finished for the 1st time at UFC 222 versus BRIAN ORTEGA. He took these two fights though because of the line in ROCKY BALBOA “fighters fight”. That’s exactly what the 5’6″ Jersey son is and does. There aren’t too many that truly mean “anytime, anyplace”; he is though.

So with a loss there’s always going to be reflection, what if’s, and more importantly what’s next. Conor McGregor always talks about having options; now FRANKIE has some at his doorstep. Edgar was on a climb to capture the featherweight strap. He’s come oh so close a couple of times now to scrapping for it, only to have fate rare its ugly head and get in the way. So; does he stay on that road that seems to have placed him at a rest stop (featherweight), or does he exit to either highway 135 (bantamweight), or interstate 155 (lightweight)? Every team and gym have their own company mission statements. For example AKA fighters won’t fight each other, and it’s managed to work out for them. A team like ATT only would if necessary. Edgar has teammates in both divisions though which makes things interesting as one can assume Catone’s guys would truly rather not mix things up with each other for real. And if he did make a move should he be able to leap everyone and walk into a title fight?

Well; he’s a former lightweight champ, so if he went up there’s killers at the top. Between Conor (no matter what you think of him), FERGUSON, KHABIB (and don’t be shocked if Ali Aziz keeps fighters he reps away from each other for as long as possible), teammates BARBOZA and ALVAREZ, along with POIRIER, GAETHJE, and LEE. Frankie’s no slouch at this age, but these guys may be a bit much. Going down a division at an older age is a tougher go just because of the human body makeup. But Frankie at 135 is so intriguing. I’m not even talking about vs CODY or TJ either, but they are too. Edgar vs DODSON, ASSUNCAO, and DOMINICK CRUZ would all be really interesting with issues for all to overcome. But if the policy is no Jersey guys scrap where would that leave MARLON MORAES? He himself is 1-2 wins away from title talk. Would he sacrifice a career goal for his captain? Very tough spot to be in! Obviously losing to Ortega meant he’d slide in the rankings; but will that title opportunity come again? Next one for Max has to be Brian. STEPHENS and SWANSON both can make good arguments for being next up, then should be Edgar in line. Conceivably that could be towards the end of ’19 when he’s 38 the way fight schedules can sometimes go. That’s also not taking into account if someone gets red hot climbing up the rankings (i.e. a josh emmitt). So maybe staying put is what in fact is best. Hey; as sad as it is, there’s many greats in sports that never wore championship gold (although Frankie has); just ask Ted Williams or Ernie Banks. Besides Hall Of Fame rings are much nicer to look at.


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