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To tell the story properly; you must go back in time. Five years ago a young Irishman was like many of us, struggling on welfare. But back when he was in the womb GOD blessed him with a powerful left hand. Boxing was his 1st love, and soon after expanded into the world of MMA. From day one he’s always been about conquering a challenge and moving forward; not looking at those behind him. First taking CW’s featherweight strap then going after and getting their lightweight one. In doing so he became CW’s 1st ever two division concurrent champion. He’s been with JOHN KAVANAGH since 2007; with both remaining intensely loyal to each other. But cracks in that armor have sprung up. John’s been quiet on this latest incident and it’s up in the air if he’d be welcomed back to SBG. When the cocky, brash Irishman got the opportunity to enter the UFC; he did so with the same mentality. Conquer and move on. Not only was his in cage skill improving; but his intelligence on how to play the game in this generation swelled to championship levels. Always thinking 2 steps ahead with sharp verbal barbs hit opponents harder than his powerful left hand. He gained one belt, then the other; then the wheels completely fell off the bus (pardon the pun after last weeks incident).

After every win, much like a man-child who hasn’t grown up though, he’d test the limits of what he could get away with. Things were looked at as hey, Conor’s being Conor; with no real repercussions. From swiping Jose Aldo’s title things escalated, and quickly. After the monster energy can throwing incident with Nate Diaz he was punished. But it was then majorly rolled back when the commission realized the finances that would be lost with a strict punishment. So the UFC became like every other pro-sport with the “inmates running the asylum”. Any lesser fighter would be cut immediately no matter what management says. Now are there way more heinous athletes running around? Absolutely! You can say he’s a cross between a wanna be gangster, and a robin hood. As he jumped into a Bellator cage, and putting his hands on their referee; he was cheered and not punished. Although the lack of cageside security in stopping an outsider from getting into a cage is a more damning issue. Fighting with an Irish mobster and allegedly having a bounty put on his head hasn’t slowed him. Running around a UFC cage got him admonished but nothing that would stem the tide in his antics. The sole reason for him being able to get away with what he did is his return on investment. Lets be honest; money calls the shots on this planet, plain and simple. And he delivers oodles and oodles of it. That’s the main reason they allowed their cash cow to cross over into his original love of boxing. How could the UFC powers that be stand in the way of their under 30 year old company face to make a crazy amount of money? In doing so however; looking back, you can say they cut off their nose to spite their face.

Fast forward to this past week and the viciously criminal acts committed. It was his friend, teammate Artem Lobov setting this mess into action. While on social media Conor and Khabib Nurmagomedov have gone back and forth it was just that. It was setting up fireworks that could launch a great fight. Once Artem got involved; Khabib decided to draw the line. Khabib and 1/4 of his posse at the fighter hotel went after Lobov. Way outta line and frankly Khabib should be admonished for making things worse instead of “clearing the air one-on-one”. He had to know Conor would be told immediately about this. As a loyal teammate and friend Conor came to his aid. But did so criminally and now is it even possible to put the genie back in the lamp? Being credentialed by the UFC is a privilege and despite the guys from “the mac life” being nice people should lose those credentials. ARIEL HELWANI had his taken for supposedly leaking a known secret. These guys snuck Conor, his bodyguards, and goons into the Barclay’s Center. That’s criminal trespass. Conor and his posse destroying a bus and Barclay’s property; that’s criminal mischief. Injuring people is at minimum assault. He’s looking at law suits from the Barclay’s Center, the bus company, and the injured fighters. He should serve time behind bars. But will everyone again when all’s said and done just give him a smack on the wrist because of his financial value? The line in the sand NEEDS to be drawn here and now, because god knows what he’ll do next. Is he a fantastic athlete? Yes. Is he a far cry from that impoverished young man in Dublin? Yes. In a way he’s like an Irish rocky balboa.  He’s a man with a baby boy; and this wild bronco needs to be tamed a bit. Should he get another chance soon? Sure; everyone on earth deserves the chance to prove they can turn themselves around. Especially one that does an immense amount of charity work like Conor does.

A good game plan for Conor should be delete all social media, lay low, just spend time with girlfriend, son and family, (of course train), for 8-10 months; re-focus his mind, heart and soul. Then attempt a comeback. After all not only does the UFC have tons of money invested in him, but so does his sponsors   (like burger king; who just paid him a fortune). Then maybe people can once again feel good about rooting for him.


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