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You can take the boy outta Brooklyn; but you can’t take the Brooklyn outta the boy. Former two division boxing champion turned broadcaster PAULIE MALIGNAGGI finally started to SPEAK his peace verbally not just on social media about CONOR MCGREGOR. While there still remains the respect factor to anyone who mixes it up in combat sports; the respect level personally is no longer there. Now in fairness way before the “CONOR-FLOYD” got its legs under them, Paulie had teased the idea of a cross over fight with Conor. Conor being the pop and circumstance fighter only used the line he used towards JEREMY STEPHENS “who da fook is dat guy”. He soon realized exactly who the fook he was. Then again, make no mistakes about it, like Conor or not, he’s no fool and is very intelligent on the who’s and what’s in combat sports.

Even with the heat between the two, someone on team McGregor thought it be best to have Paulie’s mind, and body come into Camp Conor as he prepares for arguably the toughest fight of his life vs  FLOYD MAYWEATHER. Paulie’s been there done that, so it couldn’t hurt. The smart money is that it was probably his long time coach and mentor JOHN KAVANAGH, ever the zen like teacher wanting his student to get some outstanding insights. But as they say oil and vinegar don’t mix, and the combustible finally exploded. Monday Paulie for one hour non stop tore into TEAM MCGREGOR and specifically Conor on the MMA Hour (with Ariel Helwani). Now Conor is all about press, but in this day and age of “look at me” that should not be looked at with astonishment. One of the biggest issues Paulie has is the release of photos from a sparring session; something that is unheard of in boxing. Now did Conor release them personally ? No, obviously it was the photographer. But you can bet Team Conor, and McGregor himself knew they were going to be, and probably picked which ones he liked best. Another important key issue is the accommodations for all the sparring partners. When the Brooklyn Boy had seen enough, the Brooklyn attitude came out. He told them what he thought of them and left. Malignaggi did sign a non-disclosure agreement, so he won’t get into “details” of the trainings until fight night where he will be calling the action in the fight. Plus if he were to break that contract it would be death of his career. As a matter of fact legendary referee JOE CORTEZ has now gone silent as well talking about McGregor.

Without Paulie in his camp to help, and with his friend ANDRE BERTO who was the last man to actually fight Floyd now declining the offer to come help out, there are no true boxers helping. That puts Conor behind a serious 8 ball. Is Conor the ego-maniac bully Paulie says he is ? Well in fairness to that if you look at anyone that is at the top politically, in the business world, celebrity, or anywhere else; you need some serious selfishness and ego. It’s a requirement to only care about “number one” to reach certain levels and not wain from it.

But would Paulie like to now mix it up with Conor for real ? Well, he did say he is enjoying his retirement. But those that follow sports know that the word retire means; “only for now unless….”. What this means is not only is the in the ring action going to be interesting come August 26th, but now the commentary might be just as explosive.


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