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Sports like all entertainment is supposed to take away the real world” for us laymen people. Most of the time we tend to forget that those in the public eye are in fact real people too. Thus they must adhere to certain laws, whether they like it or not. There are plenty of countries in this world that require their citizens serve military service. CHINA, NORTH KOREA, TAIWAN, ISRAEL, MALAYSIA are just some that require men AND women to serve.

The UFC’s 26 year old bright featherweight star “THE KOREAN SUPERBOY” DOO HO CHOI is on the verge on needing to serve his South Korea’s military. South Korea’s military conscription is 4th longest in the world, sitting behind North Korea, Israel, and Singapore. As far as athletes being exempt goes in the South they must have won medals in the Olympics or the Asian Games. Then they still must serve however; just on a lesser scale. Depending on the branch of service Choi is sent to it can be anywhere from 24-28 months. Then he is placed on the reserves roster and must spend time over 6 years training. The 14-2 fighter next takes on JEREMY STEPHENS at fight night St.Louis. He’s looking to get back onto a win streak after losing an incredible fight vs CUB SWANSON at UFC 206. That loss ended a 12 fight win streak with the last 3 being 1st round knockouts. He’s about a year away from leaving and said that one thing he wants is a title shot.

There’s only 1 thing really wrong with that. He’s ranked 13th. So unless he starches Stephens, then murks two or three others with fast turn arounds it’s not likely to happen. Let’s say he did though; then faced MAX HOLLOWAY. What happens if he is so red hot on fire in 2018 he beats him say in his 5th or 6th fight of the year; and wins? The company is catching hell as it is for letting CONOR MCGREGOR sit on a belt. There’s no way they let Choi do it for 2 years away for military service. But all that is obviously wild dreaming for Doo Ho.

Doo did say however he believes his military service won’t hinder his career. He went on to say during it he will still be training, and will return a much better fighter. The MMA world moves very fast from day to day. Who knows though where it’ll be in 2 years (actually 3). Even more so; god willing he doesn’t see, get injured, or even dare we say worse over that time.Lord knows there’s no rounds or tap outs in a real life war.


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