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Now that the UFC has just one recognized lightweight champion in KHABIB NURMAGOMEDOV the question needs to be asked; what’s next for the 26-0 29 year old? The 1 word answer; rest. The devout Muslim will be spending Ramadan back in his native Dagestan with family. Ramadan by the way is from May 15th to June 14th. Khabib’s said he’d like a full hard camp next time, and that although UFC President Dana White said he’d never again book TONY FERGUSON vs Khabib; he needs to win a tough fight to prove he truly is the number 1 contender. Khabib has also said he wants to be on the card in Russia (in September), and on the next Madison Square Garden card (in November). That though may be wishful thinking. It may be a better game plan using him in Russia and then at the end of the year card in December at Las Vegas.

So it looks like best case scenario 2 fights left in 2018 for Nurmagomedov with proper time between. The options are quite interesting on possible challengers. Ferguson, Alvarez, Barboza 2, Poirier, Gaethje, Lee, Nate Diaz, he’s brought up the name GSP, and of course there’s Conor; who shouldn’t even be considered. But THAT topic/fighter will be discussed in a future article! With the winners of Barboza vs Lee and Poirier vs Gaethje being almost on the same recovery calendar either winner is a fine way to go and would be worthy of the shots.

However a fight between him and EDDIE ALVAREZ 1st in Russia sets up an interesting story line. Ex champ from PHILADELPHIA looking to get his title back goes to  RUSSIA to fight a giant. Maybe not in physical stature; but in aura. Sort of a Rocky-Drago light spinoff. Spacing things out like this also helps round Khabib out a little better than he is. Especially with 6 of Khabib’s 10 UFC wins coming from decisions. Playing (pardon the pun) RUSSIAN ROULETTE with scorecards is not something any fighter should want to continue; which means working on more finishes. Iaquinta definitely laid the possible blue print on how to beat Nurmagomedov. And a fight with Alvarez would be interesting in the fact Eddie hits harder than Al while their wrestling is comparable

That winner (conceivably Khabib); takes on Nate Diaz in December. That opens up the opportunity of a Khabib-Nate-GSP-Ferguson battle for lightweight supremacy. By the time that works itself out a certain Irishman MAY be done with all the legal issues he will be battling. GSP would be a legacy fight and Nate/Tony would be bitter rival wars possibly worthy of trilogies. And this can all be a windfall for which ever network lands the UFC.


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