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Which Position Should You Select First In Your Fantasy Football Draft?

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My personal strategy, and one that was highly recommended by fantasy football experts, was to always go with a running back in round one. Those days have since changed, especially if you are in a PPR league, as there are only two or three running backs in the league currently that are worthy of a first round pick, and the injury risk for those running backs is so high that it still makes them a risky pick. Of course this depends on your order in the draft, but the only running backs I believe are worth a pick in the first round are Le’Veon Bell, Ezekiel Elliot, and maybe David Johnson. Aside from those three, your first pick should be a wide receiver, and here’s why.

Injury risk. One constant in the NFL is injuries, and this problem seems to affect running backs quite heavily. Year in and year out there are always a few top running backs that quickly suffer season-ending injuries, or at least deal with nagging injuries that limit their production throughout the year. Wide receivers are far from immune from this problem, but certainly have less issue with it than do running backs.

Splitting time. This is something that has partially been created by injuries, but running backs see more rotation than receivers do. Both as an attempt to avoid injuries, and as others make a name for themselves after getting an opportunity due to an injury to the starter, backfields are increasingly splitting carries amongst two or three options. This isn’t really the case with receivers.

You can easily make the case that running backs are worth your first round pick because there continue to be fewer that are in that elite fantasy territory, so it is more crucial to get one. That’s why I mentioned the three that I did in the start. They are only worth the pick when you can find one that doesn’t lose many carries to other options, have had some proof of being durable, and either play in a run-heavy offense or are a receiving threat. If the runner’s team is always losing, they have to be a threat out of the backfield or he won’t get any touches anyway. The three mentioned above are the only three that really fit all of the criteria, and then you still have to hope the injury plague doesn’t strike. Of course there are a few others who could potentially pay off (think Devonta Freeman), but the elite wide receiver group seems to provide you with a safer pick, and especially if you can go ahead and grab two of them in the first two rounds.


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