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Tick tock, tick tock; the sands in an hour glass continuously slip away. That’s the way a career goes; like Rocky Balboa said “time takes everyone out, it’s undefeated”. With younger brother NATE about to make his comeback in November; it’s time for the 35 year old older brother to put his signature onto a bout agreement. He’s wasted valuable career time; although it’s not something he sweats. The former STRIKEFORCE and WEC welterweight champion can take the UFC or leave em; shrugging his shoulders saying “ah well”.

His last win; a unanimous decision over BJ PENN back in October of 2011. Since then it’s 0-2 with a NC. Any of those 3; CONDIT, GSP, or ANDERSON SILVA would be welcomed by many. But here’s the thing; he’s turned down fights left and right. And GSP has turned down the option of fighting Nick. So what direction do they go and what way does he want to go? There’s a plethora of new sharks in the pool he’s never faced. A lot of them bring interesting style match-ups. It’s a safe bet his team would prefer greatly that he’s not used as a gatekeeper for newer young studs (ie Costa, Hall, Adesanya at middleweight) or   (Usman, Edwards at welterweight). With the heat the company has gotten for letting guys jump the q; chances are slim he can just walk into a title fight. Although a fight versus WHITTAKER, WOODLEY, or TILL are very interesting. With his name you need a name at least as big to go next to it. That’s why the final four it’s probably going to come down to (and you can bet the farm on it) are RDA, LAWLER, WEIDMAN, JACARE (and gun to the head) in January. Even though they could use him now; holding that ACE in the pocket till ESPN takes over might be financially beneficial to all parties.

Either way, no matter who, where, or when it is; things always become more interesting with both Diaz brothers and their posse around. Just sit back, pass some Diaz sponsored doobs, and watch the chaos unfold.


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