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Why 2018 Pro Football Hall of Fame Enshrinement is still must see TV

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The Pro Football Hall of Fame will be adding eight new members this Saturday. The NFL class of 2018 consists of former wide receivers Randy Moss and Terrell Owens, former linebackers Brian Urlacher, Ray Lewis, and Robert Brazile, former safety Brian Dawkins, former guard Jerry Kramer, and former executive Bobby Beathard. Over a month ago, Terrell Owens let it be known that he would not be attending the ceremony, which was a historic decision for someone living who had been inducted. His decision seems to be spurred by his bitterness over not being selected as a first-ballot Hall of Famer two years ago and his absence will be especially noticeable as each inductee gives their enshrinement speech. Owens was one of the biggest personalities in professional sports during his career and was one of the prototypes for the “diva” wide receiver moniker that position receives. However, there are still plenty of reasons to watch the Pro Football Hall of Fame Enshrinement Ceremony this Saturday.

Reason #1: A LOT of emotion and spiritual references from Ray Lewis

Former Baltimore Ravens linebacker Ray Lewis is arguably the best middle linebacker in NFL history and has been a slam dunk for the Hall of Fame for several years now. The two time Super Bowl champion is a lightening rod for many reasons beyond the fiery pregame speeches and dance that he became as known for as his excellent tackling on the field. Lewis also doesn’t hide his spirituality publicly and isn’t afraid to give spiritual advice to anyone. Unsurprisingly, Lewis is rumored to be the last speaker on Saturday which is usually reserved for the most dynamic personality who might need the most time for their speech. As he discusses his career and life, it would be also be surprising if Lewis makes any reference to his role in connection with the stabbing deaths of two men in 2000 in Atlanta, Georgia but that remains a big question mark regarding his overall story.

Reason #2: How the Hall of Fame handles T.O.

If Terrell Owens was actually going to be part of the festivities on Saturday, he would potentially be the most watchable speaker among inductees even over Ray Lewis. Owens is notoriously known for not biting his tongue which could have meant he used his speech to roast many of the people he feels has slighted him. However, when he announced that he would not be attending the Pro Football Hall of Fame Enshrinement Ceremony, he started a weird sequence of how he would be honored and treated differently than his peers. Hall President David Baker says Owens will still be “honored” despite his absence. It will be interesting to see how the Hall of Fame treats Owens on Saturday and how the crowd reacts.

Reason #3: Storytime with Randy Moss

There is another very interesting personality that will be giving a speech on Saturday as former wide receiver Randy Moss should be very amusing. He had one of the best rookie seasons in NFL history and was an enigmatic figure throughout his career due to his ridiculously rare athletic ability, highlight reel catches, and immature actions throughout his career. He has now become a somewhat beloved television football analyst since his retirement and he has the ability to tell some interesting stories in his West Virginia drawl.

Reason #4: Don’t sleep on the “other” guys

There are other inductees other than Moss, Lewis, and Owens who are worth hearing on Saturday. Former safety Brian Dawkins was a Ray Lewis-like leader for the Philadelphia Eagles during the 2000s and is a passionate guy. There is a good chance for much authentic emotion from former Packers offensive linemen Jerry Kramer, who waited 44 years to hear his name called for the Hall of Fame. It should be another fascinating year for the Pro Football Hall of Fame.


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