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Why I Choose to Not Watch the NBA Playoffs

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As a sports fan, I will pretty much watch any sport at any time. It’s the thrill of competition and excitement that runs through my veins as I tune in or attend an event. Whether it’s watching a pitchers duel or a shootout on the ice everything provides entertainment.

What doesn’t entertain me anymore is the NBA.

What’s the point of going through an 82 game season and four rounds of playoffs when you already know for the third year in a row it will be a Golden State Warriors vs. Cleveland Cavaliers NBA Finals.

News flash:


You see so many players take the easy way out and join these super teams. Players like Deron Williams and Kevin Durant decided they rather go for a ring than try and EARN a ring.

This isn’t earning a ring. It’s basically competing against one team and seeing if you can beat that other team.

The NBA has a competitive balance issue and it continues to get worse.

The lack of defense on a majority of these teams is mind-boggling. If these kids coming out of college didn’t leave after one season, maybe they would learn a thing or two about, you know, defense?

There is a lot of talent throughout the league, but it’s not widely dispersed. Small market franchises have talent, but not enough money or resources to bring in the Kevin Durant type players. When you have all of the top shelf players on two teams, how do you compete against them? Do you pray?

You have a team like the Utah Jazz who are young and hungry get absolutely smoked by Golden State in the second round with ease. These guys could have beat anyone else. How can you compete against a lineup with all-stars? Granted, the Warriors’ first NBA championship appearances was purely through the draft. Since then, I have seen so much smug and arrogance it is sickening.

I don’t need to watch these games to know what’s going on. I look at Twitter for clips and interview segments. Players like Draymond Green make me sick to my stomach.

To this day, I wish Kevin Durant didn’t take the cowards way out and basically sell his soul for an NBA ring.

Such a shame.

How do we fix this disparity issue?

I really don’t know, but that’s up to the commish, Adam Silver.


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