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Why Sami, Why?!?!?!

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Last night’s WWE Hell in a Cell event ended up being a very good card, as per usual for a Smackdown Live show.

However, the main event stole the show when Sami Zayn SAVED Kevin Owens from a Shane McMahon elbow drop from off the top of Hell in a Cell.

Zayn and Owens have been friends for years outside of the ring and during their time in Ring of Honor (Yes, Zayn was El Generico in ROH, despite the urban legend that El Generico died trying to save the orphans).

In WWE, they had been bitter enemies.

Until now.

In a shocker, Sami Zayn came to Owens’ rescue as he lie motionless on an announcer’s table awaiting to get hit with a patented Shane McMahon fall from grace elbow drop from off the top of the Hell in a Cell structure. Zayn and Owens had squared off countless times over the past few years in both NXT and WWE, literally beating one another to a bloody pulp.

After Owens ripped Zayn to shreds on Smackdown prior to Hell in a Cell, pointing out Zayn’s repeated shortcomings whilst boasting his own success through taking short cuts, it appears Zayn is joining Owens on the short cut road. He may have finally realized being the good guy who does things the right way doesn’t win championships or big matches on the big stage. Maybe he has realized Kevin Owens has his finger on the right button this entire time. Or, did Zayn have a lapse in judgement to save someone he once consider a friend?

I don’t know what Zayn’s reasoning could be, but it was definitely one of the most shocking twists in YEARS in WWE in regards to a heel/face turn.

Just maybe Zayn will become relevant again.


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