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ROSE NAMAJUNAS is on a 3 fight win streak. The last two were the biggest eye openers in her career. She “shocked the world” at UFC 217; beating the unbeatable queen JOANNA JEDRZEJCZYK; and her mind games. She repeated the feat at 223. In doing so; she’s shown that the eternal drive can stand up to someone’s mystique. Take nothing away from JJ; she was a force that tore through the strawweights. She’s also been nursing an array of injuries for the last year. However her second defense is an equal force; yet with a lot more power. UFC 237 goes down in May in BRAZIL.

JESSICA ANDRADE is her opponent; and will have a power, size, and support advantage. That’s because even against those that are liked by Brazilians; enter their country to fight one of their own and you get the ‘UH VAI MORRER’ (you’re gonna die) treatment. That’s a couple of levels above JJ’s “the boogey woman is coming”. It may crack Rose’s stoic nature; or at the bare minimum; put it to it’s test. Jessica comes forward with the ferociousness of Cyborg and Amanda and has better mat skills than Gadelha. She might just be the most dangerous out of all her countrywomen.

Both women are looking to extend winning streaks to 4. Jessica has shied away from verbally requesting a title shot despite the way she’s pounded opponents recently. But now’s her opportunity. To do it in her hometown would be magical for all of Brazil. Things in life are cyclical; and female Brazilians are making their stand to once again be the best in the world. No matter what happened with her; CYBORG is top of the list. Making a claim to be the female GOAT is the woman that just beat her AMANDA NUNES; who now holds the bantam and feather weight straps. Andrade is the “mini-me” version of Amanda. A Jessica win would place Brazilians at the top of all female divisions in the UFC. Which may; and must be stressed HIGHLY UNLIKELY; but crazier things have happened.

If the 27 year old Andrade manage to cut this Rose; what’s stopping Amanda from requesting another  “superfight” the other direction for complete and total dominance. Just imagine her telling DANA WHITE “yes I”m the feather and bantam weight champs; but I now want the strawweight one too”. “Lets fight at a catchweight; winner takes the strap. Probably won’t happen, but; who could or would deny GOAT status for Amanda to be concurrent straw, bantam, feather weight champs. In another  “BATTLE OF BRAZILIANS”. Let’s not also forget she has a testy history with flyweight champ   VALENTINA SHEVCHENKO too. Hey the 1st ever champ-champ-champ-champ. Now that would be ridiculously sick!! But it all starts with does a Rose bloom in Brazil, or does it get cut down.


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