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Will Bartolo Colon Reunite With Mets?

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The Atlanta Braves went into the 2017 season hoping Bartolo Colon could continue his magical run for a pitcher of his age after multiple seasons in a row of excellent pitching for the New York Mets. It’s pretty obvious the team was hoping for a solid first half from the rotund right-hander so they could trade him to assist in the rebuild.

On Thursday, the organization designated him for assignment. This likely means he either is released or traded.

Or, potential retirement.

Big Sexy has had a miserable 2017 campaign. His ERA ballooning to over 8.00 after another brutal outing in his last time out.

It’s kind of difficult to pinpoint what exactly the problem is for Colon. He’s still pitching relatively the same as the past few seasons. Have hitters picked him up? His velocity hasn’t really changed. Are his pitches creating less movement and becoming flat?

Would any team take a chance on a 44 year-old pitcher?

There’s always the New York Mets . . .

With their injury issues and lack of bullpen depth, Colon could squeeze into that spot starter and long man role to give the Mets some help. The Mets have picked up steam as of late, but remain far from the leaders of the pack to possibly make a playoff push. He could eat up innings worst case scenario and maybe get claimed by a playoff contender if he turns things around.

One thing is for sure:

New York would welcome Big Sexy with open arms.


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