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Will Oklahoma WR Marquise Brown’s relation to Antonio Brown hurt him?

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The 2019 NFL Draft season is in full effect. The NFL Combine just ended and there were plenty of winners and losers. There is also interest in how some of the top NFL prospects who made plays on Saturdays will translate on Sundays as professionals. One of the top wide receiver prospects for the 2019 NFL Draft is Oklahoma’s Marquise Brown, who didn’t participate in the NFL Combine due to a foot injury in college but has an opportunity to be a potential first round pick. Brown has strengths and weaknesses just like any other NFL Draft prospect but there is a fact about Marquise Brown that could be viewed as potentially positive or negative. He is the cousin of Pittsburgh Steelers All-Pro wide receiver Antonio Brown, one of the more polarizing athletes in America currently.

As the top target for Heisman Trophy winning quarterback Kyler Murray, Brown is a speedster who shares being undersized for his position like Murray. There is nothing small about the production of Marquise Brown as he had over 1,000 receiving yards the past two seasons catching passes from Murray and current Cleveland Browns quarterback Baker Mayfield. It is often a positive to be related to a talented NFL player if you are entering the NFL like Marquise Brown, being cousins with Antonio Brown, but this might not be the case.

Antonio Brown is smaller than most of the current great NFL receivers and has continued to build a case to be a future Hall of Famer based on his production and performance the last several seasons. However, his words and his actions are now putting him into the “diva” category of wide receivers like guys like Terrell Owens were put in his career. One of the stories of the 2019 NFL offseason is where he will be traded after a hectic end to the 2018 season for the Pittsburgh Steelers.

The fact that both Marquise Brown and Antonio Brown both play the same position, are undersized, and hail from the same state might scare some teams away from drafting the former Oklahoma star. He also has the “Hollywood” nickname which is derived from the city that Marquise Brown is from but could also be viewed as his personality. Most NFL teams have gotten used to quieter and more low-key star wide receivers like Julio Jones and A.J. Green have been so it will be interesting to see whether being the cousin of a big-time, magnetic player like Antonio Brown will be a detriment for one of the NFL Draft’s more interesting prospects.


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