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The UFC and Conor McGregor since day 1 caught holy hell from the majority of “die-hard” fans for “holding up divisions”. Now keep something in mind; you can never truly blame a child. A child will keep pushing its parents boundaries until the parent puts its feet down and says no, no more. Conor since his days in Cage Warriors has always been about conquer and move on. He even said so during the wild world press tour with JOSE ALDO. “If this was another time I’d pillage his lands, take all he had, and move on to the next village”. Did he backlog the featherweight division and is he doing the same to the lightweights? Yea kinda. But the drawing power of the charismatic cross over superstar tends to supersede all rules. In sports or in life. Despite being called out by more than 10 UFC fighters, the once murky unknown waters are starting to calm themselves out. Paths are starting to form to a title run. You’d think after all the headaches, issues, fighter and fan complaints the company would have learned their lesson not to stray off the yellow brick road. Well; think again.

Now it seems like they’re ready to repeat a mistake that took roughly 2 years to start to sort itself out. This time in the middleweight division. But it’s not the polarizing Conor at the forefront this time. Now it’s arguably the GOAT, one of the most beloved fighters in MMA history; GEORGES ST-PIERRE. After CHRIS WEIDMAN snatched the belt from ANDERSON SILVA it became like a hot potato. From LUKE ROCKHOLD, to MICHAEL BISPING everyone had a bite. Now yes; GSP coming back after being away 4 years at a higher weight class beating the tenacious Bisping was an incredible moment. Yes; it states in GSP’s contract he must defend vs interim champ ROBERT WHITTAKER. But every chance he gets if you read between his verbal lines; that won’t happen. He was extremely noncommittal in talking with ARIEL HELWANI. His long time coach FREDDIE ROACH even told ARIEL he’d prefer GSP back down at welterweight. A move by the way; champ TYRON WOODLEY would love. Right now Robert is nursing a severe knee injury, GSP said he’s about to take a much needed vacation far away from the MMA circus. But what division does he come back to? Does he hold the belt or vacate it?

Bisping is nearing the end of his fighting journey in all accounts. That leaves a shark tank of Whittaker, YOEL ROMERO, WEIDMAN, ROCKHOLD, and JACARE. Should GSP want to pursue his old division; truly the fairest thing would be a Rockhold-Whittaker fight first. On the shoreline is a solid Derek Brunson, and Kelvin Gastelum, along with fast rising superstar beast PAULO BORRACHINHA AKA     PAULO COSTA AKA THE ERASER. Fighters are already turning down fights with him because of his speed size and ability. But at best he’s 2-3 fights (and wins) away from title talk. Whoever holds the gold when he gets to the top is in for a hell of a time. If the UFC allows GSP to hold the belt and go for his “super fight” it would continue a very bad precedent. The time is NOW for them to say “super fights” between champions should be at CATCHWEIGHTS with no titles on the line; thus preserving the normalcy of both divisions involved. Just to have them on occasion as a “what would happen if A fought B”. By the way all this can be said for the DEMETRIOUS JOHNSON/TJ DILLASHAW/CODY GARBRANDT triangle as well.

As the saying goes; those who don’t know history are doomed to repeat it.



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