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Will Tim Tebow Make it to Flushing in 2018?

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The New York Mets are currently the laughing stock of Major League Baseball.

After an 11-1 start to the season, they sit at 31-45 near the halfway point of the season with a putrid 13-25 record at Citi Field.

The pitching has been awful outside of Jacob deGrom and Seth Lugo.

The hitting is near anemic outside of Asdrubal Cabrera’s hot start and the emergence of Brandon Nimmo.

The bullpen is an absolute mess with a next man up mentality. Next man up to get pummeled that is . . .

Injuries continue to pile up as one by one they fall. Yoenis Cespedes looks like he will never return to the field, because, well why should he? Jay Bruce, Noah Syndergaard, AJ Ramos, Jason Vargas, etc. all are currently out of action as well. This isn’t counting the previous injuries to Todd Frazier, Wilmer Flores and others that took a toll early on the season.

By the time we hit September, will there be any Mets left to take the field?

Why would anyone even want to attend a Mets game in Flushing when it has been an absolute nightmare to say the least?

The answer is Tim Tebow.

Tebow is mashing during the month of June to the surprise of many. His success continues to stun baseball brass and every wanna-be baseball know-it-all. So many want him to fail, yet he continues to succeed.

Some will say it is God’s plan when things happen. Tebow signing with the Mets when he did was no coincidence. We will see Tebow before this year is up.

Fans will pack Citi Field to see a team that will most likely be 20 or more games under .500 just to get a glimpse of Tebow step up at the dish or make a catch in the outfield. Merchandise will fly off the shelves.

The Wilpons will somehow turn a disastrous carnival of a season into a money making one.

People such as myself will be so happy for Tebow when he finally gets the call, even if it does feed into the true evil empire in New York that are the Wilpons.


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