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Will We See The Young Bucks vs. Deleters of Worlds at All In?

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On September 1st, All In will showcase the best of Ring of Honor, New Japan Pro Wrestling and independent talent at the Sears Centre in Chicago. The venue sold out within 30 minutes of being on sale, a feat that no one thought would be possible. No organization outside of WWE has been able to accomplish a feat like this. Selling out an arena of approximately 10,000 in an era where WWE has dominated viewership and the industry as a whole is just unheard of. Not even TNA wrestling (Impact) has ever been able to accomplish this.

The fans can thank Cody Rhodes and The Young Bucks for taking this gamble.

Since the announcement of All In, even before tickets went on sale, the buzz surrounding the event continued to become greater and greater. Rumors of CM Punk possibly being a part of the show have ramped up even more ever since his defeat in his last UFC fight. However, with Punk not confirmed for an appearance, Cody and the Bucks have done a great job promoting the show with what they already have. Rhodes is scheduled to clash with Nick Aldis for the NWA world title on the show and it should be an outstanding match.

The Young Bucks do not have a confirmed match yet but that may change rather soon . . .

Matt Hardy took to Twitter to tease a possible mind blowing match for All In and it would feature a first for WWE talent. Defending the gold on a rival promotion’s show.

If we were to see The Deleters of Worlds take on “The Bucks of Youth” at All In, it would continue a trend of WWE thinking outside the box and going outside of their own organization for the better of pro wrestling.

WWE in recent months has been mentioning names such as Kenny Omega on their programming, acknowledging competition in a positive way. This isn’t even something they did during their Monday Night War against WCW. When they did acknowledge WCW, it would be to make fun of their product with “Nacho Man” and “Billionaire Ted” skits. They would never say anything positive at all.

It still seems impossible to happen, but you never know in this day and age in the wrestling business. It would be tremendous for the business.


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