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Wishes for 2017

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Peyton Manning winning the Super Bowl, LeBron James bringing a title to Cleveland, Usain Bolt dominating in Rio, and the Cubs ending over a century of disappointment in winning the World Series. Personally, I completed a year of writing over 200 articles for Boneheadpicks.com. I enjoy the daily grind of DFS and giving my opinions on a number of sports. I always hoped one day I would do this for a living, but at 46 that is most likely not possible. Trying to juggle multiple articles a week with a full-time job and playing DFS has been an exhausting grind. I have mixed thoughts on whether to continue.

Unfortunately, while I did very well with DFS at times, I did not get the huge desired hit I was looking for. My biggest successes this year came last summer in Las Vegas at the WSOP and betting on the Breeders Cup in October. Overall, I am up financially, but when you add up the costs of hotels, flights, and the cost of travel in general, I did not make a profit. Not exactly what I hoped for. My personal goal was a $100K profit and I am far from it.

I am very disappointed that I did not go for it more. I have always been willing to take that chance for the big score, but with a child in college and a less than stellar job market and economy, I pulled back and missed many opportunities.   I was on fire all year with poker and should have capitalized. Even this week, I crushed the 7-card stud games at Foxwoods, but instead of playing in the big games I took a modest win at smaller middle stakes. With DFS, I should be playing over $1K a day on NBA, NHL, and NFL using the mega-multi entry philosophy to dominate as many other have done successfully. I could do this in the smaller buy-in games and be quite successful if I just took the chance. I guess a serious illness, college tuition, and a divorce over the last three years have made me gun shy.

  • Win a World Series of Poker Bracelet
  • Make the live final and win the MLB World Championships on Draft Kings
  • Make a $50K profit on Twinspires.com
  • Finish and publish my book on Political Theory
  • Buy a new home and park my new Mercedes G-550 in the garage.
  • Sports World – 2017

    1. Cleveland wins back to back NBA titles
    2. Another Triple Crown winner at the Belmont Stakes in June
    3. The Detroit Tigers win the World Series
    4. Phil Mickelson wins the Masters
    5. Alex Ovechkin wins a Stanley Cup

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