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Things always seem to work out as they are meant to be. Getting to that point though is always an interesting journey. UFC Welterweight champion TYRON WOODLEY would have absolutely been the better match up for the returning GSP; but that couldn’t happen now no badly how he wanted it. The UFC for a while has pushed for the BISPING-GSP fight despite it being on again off again. With Georges nursing an eye injury, Michael nursing a knee injury the timing is actually playing into their favor.

Woodley is a beast of a specimen, but now that bug has jumped up to sideline him. Post DEMIAN MAIA fight he himself said he thought he re-tore his right labrum. After further medical review; he in fact has. His medical suspension now has him out till January 25th 2018; although he could come back sooner via medical clearance. The likelihood of that is extremely slim. He’s been on some fast turnarounds and honestly can use the break.

What does this mean for the division? It gives the division time to reboot and sort itself out. By that; what could and should now be put into effect is an unofficial mini tournament for a number 1 contender. Although there’s talk of a STEPHEN THOMPSONJORGE MASVIDAL fight; better match-ups now would be (putting on my SEAN SHELBY hat) (remember you heard these here from me 1st); ROBBIE LAWLER-MASVIDAL in November at MSG, CARLOS CONDIT-COLBY COVINGTON early December, and MAIA-THOMPSON at UFC 219 on December 30th. This would give the returning champ a decisive order of challengers upon his return. You can even throw GSP into that mix, although at his age cutting back down to his original weight class goes against some of the beliefs now in weight cutting.

So to quote JEFF GOLDBLUM’S character in Jurassic Park “Nature always finds a way”.



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