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WSOP Trip Wrap Up

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Another year at the WSOP is in the books as my 10 day adventure has ended and I am on the way home. It was a relatively successful trip as I cashed in three of seven tournaments. I was ahead overall in cash games, but I am behind on sports betting and horses with a few thousand dollars worth of future bets still in play.

I decided to play much lighter in tournaments where the variance is high and focus on cash games and sports betting. I only played the horses on Friday and Saturday with the big Belmont cards. I also only played one WSOP bracelet event, the Colossus, where I failed to cash. I played in three of the WSOP daily deep stack events cashing once. I also played three mixed events outside of the WSOP cashing twice in Triple Stud and HORSE. I was up slightly for the tournaments. I was going to play the $1,500 HORSE event, but the structure was horrid and I decided to pass.

Cash games were plentiful and I jumped right into the action including a 20 hour session Friday night into Saturday morning. It has been quite a few years since I put in that much volume, but the games were good and hard to pass up. I played a variety of games including 1-3 NLH, 2-5 NLH, 8-16 Omaha H/L, 10-20 OE, 9-18 MIXED, and finally 30-60 Stud. I was disappointed to see the Stud 8 games be very limited. Most were OE, which is not my favorite. I am an average Omaha H/L played at best, but I was forced to play it to get some Stud 8 action. The 30-60 Stud game was a bit over my bankroll, but it was a beatable game and I managed to take a few hundred from it. I would have rather played the 50-100 Stud 8 game, but it was not going when I was ready to play.

I am down about $800 on Sports betting as I went too hard on some big parlays that wiped out some nice wins. The Cubs cost me a few thousand. I do have plenty in play including the PGA and EURO golf tournaments going on right now, the NASCAR event on Sunday, the US OPEN golf tournament, Wimbledon, Week 1 of the NFL, the World Series, and the Super Bowl. Anyone of these tickets could quickly make this a profitable trip.

A few takeaways this week include that I still have it at poker. While playing hardly at all in 2017, I was able to jump right in and compete. I need to make a commitment to play a few bigger bracelet events next year. If I buy in online before I go, it will force me to play and not second guess myself. Second, I need to play more mixed games in cash. While I did ok in NLH, I get bored and leak off profits. Mixed games always keep 100% of my interest. Third, I did not miss DFS on Draft Kings at all. I have not had a great year at DFS and only a big score at Keeneland has me ahead for the year. While I have not committed the dollars I had planned to due to tuition costs, I still should be doing better than I have. I am not sure how much I will play this summer if at all. I need to take a hard look at my profit and loss statements to see where I can improve or the effort is pointless. I am sure the juices will begin to flow again Monday, but at this moment I am not exactly giddy to get back to it. I planned to dominate MLB and that has yet to happen. We shall see.

Finally, once again, Las Vegas exceeded my expectations. It is my favorite place on earth and I sincerely enjoy it. With well over 100 trips under my belt, it never gets old and I can’t wait to come back, hopefully, with a fist full of winning tickets. If you have never been here, you must come to experience it. Moderation is the key. Don’t overplay your bankroll or get caught up in the nightlife too much as it will hurt you results. Much of my profit at the table came from those who had too much fun and decided to blow their bankroll at far less than 100%.


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