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WWE Crown Jewel Preview

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World Wrestling Entertainment’s most controversial event ever, Crown Jewel will be the second show to take place from Saudi Arabia in 2018, but the first since journalist Jamal Khashoggi was killed at the Saudi consulate in Turkey. Many politicans, fans and even current WWE superstars were against the event being held in Saudi Arabia, but Vince McMahon and WWE decided to continue as planned. Superstars such as Randy Orton, Ronda Rousey and JBL all were in support of the decision to keep the event in Saudi Arabia. We all know why it remained there:

Money. Money. Money.

Currently, John Cena is not going to be attending the show while Daniel Bryan’s status is leaning towards no as well. His impromptu title match on this past tuesday’s Smackdown Live with Samoa Joe now being inserted into the title match all but guarantees Bryan’s absence. WWE legend Hulk Hogan will be appearing for the first time on WWE television since he had been exiled from the company a few years back for racial comments made in a sex tape that had been released without his consent, leading to Hogan taking down Gawker in a widely publicized court case. Hogan will be hosting the event as first reported by Pro Wrestling Sheet.

Regardless, the match card looks to be a good one as we will crown the first ever World Cup winner and a NEW Universal champion.

Here’s your match card for Friday’s event:


Smackdown Tag Team Championship match: The Bar vs. The New Day – 

Cesaro and Sheamus received help from an unlikely ally when taking the tag team titles from The New Day a few weeks back. The Big Show, who just recently returned to action after a lengthy hiatus, surprised the WWE Universe when he turned heel for the 57th time. Okay, that might not be an exact number, but Big Show has turned heel then back to face more times than one can count. It’s not a given as to who will be representing The New Day in this match, but with Big Show lurking, Big E may be best fit to be on the outside to counter him. So that would mean Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods would be squaring off with Sheamus and Cesaro. With The Bar just getting a hold of these belts, it is hard to imagine them losing right away, so expect them to retain in a solid match.


WWE World Cup Tournament – 

The WWE World Cup is something that was created just to give the Saudi people something unique to see. Nothing more, nothing less. Just like the Greatest Royal Rumble. The winner essentially gets some cool looking belt or trophy and that’s it. With a guaranteed Raw vs. Smackdown final match, this could be a prelude to a Survivor Series showdown between the two brands. I would hope so because there has been absolutely no promotion for the Survivor Series event and that is probably the most disappointing thing of all.

A Seth Rollins vs. Miz final or Kurt Angle vs. Rey Mysterio final I feel are the most logical outcomes, even with Angle being near 50 years old with a stupid neck. Saudi Arabia wants nostalgia, so a Mysterio win here seems like the most realistic, even though a Miz vs. Rollins final SHOULD be it with Rollins winning it all. Unless Dean Ambrose gets involved of course.


WWE Championship match: AJ Styles vs. Samoa Joe – 

The last minute change was confirmed this past Tuesday night when Daniel Bryan received his title match out of nowhere against AJ Styles. The big problem with that is the fact you knew he was losing since Styles has to defend the belt in Saudi Arabia. So, with Bryan out, somebody else had to be entered in.

Rather than start a new program with somebody else, going back to Samoa Joe here is the best move. It gives the WWE creative team time to figure out Survivor Series plans for the champ that runs the camp as well as future feuds regarding the WWE title.

It is highly unlikely Joe wins, but you never know what can happen, especially if the Saudi Prince wants things done a certain way.

Styles retains the title.


D-Generation X vs. The Brothers of Destruction  – 

Arguably the main event in the mind of some, it is the match in which we will get to witness the return of Shawn Michaels in the squared circle after an eight plus year hiatus from in-ring competition. After swearing he would never wrestle again, that potential pay day could not be ignored by the Heartbreak Kid. Reports are stating that Michaels will be getting $3 million of a combined $60 (yes SIXTY) million payout from Saudi Arabia for WWE to run this Crown Jewel event. Who is going to turn down that kind of money? Same can be said for the likes of Kane, who will surely use a majority of his payoff to help the residents of Knox County, Tennessee with much needed funding for schools, fire department and other essentials.

As far as the nostalgia is concerned, yes it is going to be cool to see this for the first time ever, but with 200 years of age combined in the ring between four guys, there’s only so much that can happen here. Can Michaels perform at a decent level? Will Undertaker be able to keep his stamina up since he will be able to tag in and out?

With Triple H and Shawn Michaels getting the upper hand on Raw this past Monday night, it’s a surefire bet The Undertaker and Kane will defeat Triple H and Shawn Michaels. If Triple H and Michaels win, there’s going to be a lot of unhappy fans that are tuned in to this event. The Saudi fans, on the other hand, will be lounging on their couches again.

Those are mighty fine couches.


WWE Universal Championship match: Brock Lesnar vs. Braun Strowman – 

Going to take a stab at this one and go with Braun Strowman finally slaying The Beast Incarnate, but something tells me WWE is going to tab Lesnar as the champ again until they can figure out their long term plans for the title. Strowman winning would give them at least three months worth of programming heading into the Royal Rumble, being able to feud him with Dolph Ziggler and Drew McIntyre, leading to a possible Ziggler and McIntyre split heading into WrestleMania. There’s also the likes of Strowman taking on someone like Bobby Lashley or even a re-invented Dean Ambrose down the line.

If WWE isn’t comfortable with that, they may just give Lesnar the strap and have him defend it at the Rumble and then from there, create The Rock vs. Brock fantasy match in which Rock wins the belt just in time for the company’s next Saudi trip.

So many avenues, so little clarity.

If the company established more stars besides Roman Reigns, this predicament may not be happening currently.

I’m going with Lesnar for the win just because of WWE’s lack of direction since the Reigns situation. It’s the temporary stop gap.


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