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WWE Evolution Exceeds Expectations By Leaps and Bounds

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Going into WWE Evolution, even though this was going to be the first ever all women’s PPV event, the buzz just wasn’t there for many. WWE didn’t really go all out with promoting it until the final days where you seen the likes of Triple H, Stephanie McMahon and Becky Lynch hit the radi waves plugging Evolution. On television, there really wasn’t too much focus on Evolution, mostly surrounding Crown Jewel instead.

So, heading into the night, even with a solid match card, fans assumed this would be a glorified house show with a gimmick. As someone in attendance last night, the atmosphere prior to bell time felt exactly like it would for a middle of the road house show. The stage was identical to what you would see at your standard non televised WWE event. The barricades were just standard ones with tarp on them. The ring posts and ring skirts were generic without all the electronic flare they have for the televised events. It provided a scary sight knowing how important this night was to the women of WWE.

Then the bell rang for the first match.

The atmosphere changed.

A near sold out NYCB Live (Nassau Coliseum) provided consistent noise throughout the night and never stopped cheering their favorites or booing those they despised. You had a crowd filled with WRESTLING fans who weren’t there to hijack the show or make it about them. You had fans who were there to support women’s wrestling.

WWE’s booking to start out with Trish Stratus and Lita for the main card was extremely smart. You get the crowd going right away with some of their favorites of the past and that carries on throughout the night.

The battle royal was well done.

Shayna Baszler’s title win was one of the better booked finishes I have seen for a women’s title match in a while, getting the assistance from Jessamyn Duke and Marina Shafir.

The crowd was rocking all night, but then we reached the first of two main events for the evening.

That was when the show was officially stolen by Charlotte and Becky Lynch. These two took it to the limit and tore the house down, keeping the crowd in the palm of their hands throughout their last woman standing match. Every time Becky had Charlotte down for the count, the crowd roared. Every time Charlotte had Lynch down for the count, the crowd booed in unison. You would have thought Becky Lynch was facing John Cena with how the crowd was reacting to Charlotte. When Becky emerged victorious, it put the finishing touches on a magical night.

However, the night wasn’t over.

Ronda Rousey took out Nikki Bella to regain her title in a solid match. If it had gone on prior to Charlotte and Becky Lynch, it may have been better received. How can you follow up that barn burner?

Rousey retaining her gold helped set the scene for the closing moment of the show.

The unity of a division that just rocked the house.

WWE’s women’s division put on quite possibly the best PPV event of the year.

What an outstanding job by these women.

By the way Ronda, Becky is coming for you.

Survivor Series here we come.


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