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XFL To Announce Their Eight Inaugural Teams

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This is the XFL!

If you didn’t read that in Vince McMahon’s over the top voice, go back and read it again.

The XFL announced that they will be revealing the eight host cities for the 2020 season on Wedensday December 5th at Noon ET, less than a week away and keeping their promise of revealing the teams in the fall.

The XFL tweeted a bit of a teaser as to which will be one of the host cities on Thursday.

It’s no surprise cities such as St. Louis and the above Houston tease will get teams. New York is almost a shoe in and you know there will be a Florida team as well. From there, it is definitely a toss up but the league will most likely pick big cities with minor league ballparks. The XFL’s big first year mistake was holding games in traditional football stadiums. After a while, there were plenty of empty seats once the league began to tank. Granted, things could be much different this time around, but everyone, even Vince McMahon, learns from their mistakes.


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