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Yes? Daniel Bryan Turns Heel, Wins WWE Title

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Just when you thought things in WWE couldn’t get more loopy than they already were.

Mere hours after Becky Lynch announced that Charlotte Flair would replace her in the interpromotional match against Ronda Rousey following the revelation Lynch had a broken face and a concussion, WWE decided to really make everyone go nuts by putting a major swerve on the Survivor Series card.

Daniel Bryan is your new WWE Champion and will square off against WWE Universal Champion Brock Lesnar for the FIRST TIME EVER.

There are reports stating the Daniel Bryan title win was going to happen even before Lynch went down to injury. However, it appears Vince McMahon decided to turn Bryan heel following the news regarding Becky, further proving the “anything can happen” statement all the more truthful following this stunning title change.

Bryan’s victory was met with awkward silence besides those who did cheer. It wasn’t the same reaction as per the norm following a Bryan victory. Everyone didn’t jump up in unison to chant Yes! There were those that did, but it wasn’t like before. It was a different feel. The fans knew heel Daniel Bryan was here. The fans knew things were about to change.

They changed rather quickly.

The post match assault was just pure brutality at its finest.

So we get a heel Daniel Bryan against a heel Brock Lesnar at Survivor Series.

What role does Paul Heyman play after his emergence earlier in the night? Did Bryan finally embrace the ideology of The Miz after all of these years? Do we get the Miz face turn now following Bryan’s heel turn?

So many unanswered questions. Let’s get through Survivor Series first.


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